Questing help and a list of items

the basic help file for questing is the commad        quest.....

this is the basic screen you will see come up


- - - - - - - - - - ----====[ QUEST ITEM COSTS ]====---- - - - - - - - - - -
Protection: Sets AC on armour at 1 QP per point.
Min/Max: Sets min/max damage on weapon at 1 QP per point.
Extra (add/remove): Glow(1/1), Hum(1/1), Invis(1/1), Anti-Good(1/10),
     Silver(1000/*), Anti-Neutral(1/10), Anti-Evil(1/10), Loyal(10/1).
Power: Spell power for spell weapons.  Costs 10 QP per power point.
Spell: Spell weapons or affect.  Costs 100 QP.
Weight: Set objects weight to 1.  Costs 10 QP.
Str, Dex, Int, Wis, Con... max =   5 each, at  50 quest points per +1 stat.
Hp, Mana, Move............ max =  25 each, at  20 quest points per point.
Hitroll, Damroll.......... max =  10 each, at  50 quest points per point.
Ac........................ max = -25,      at  50 points per point.
Legend.................... Costs 30k max hp.

Note: Created items can have up to 2 times the above maximum.
Also: Weapons may have up to 2 (4 for created) times the above maximum.
- - - - - - - - - - ----====[ QUEST ITEM COSTS ]====---- - - - - - - - - - -
these are the items you do and add to your gear....... negative is what ya want


you also have a questmaste to earn the point to quest these items on your gear


here is a list of items you can find on a quest card that takes primal that you can train with experiance........   these are directions and a list of all items on them cards


Acorn Hat : portal acorn

Angel’s Skull: portal wall

Antacid pill: portal homer  @nes  kill demon

Artist’s Smock : portal etcher

Auburn-Colored orb: portal hunting horror

Awl-pike: portal igor                                      

Baladurian Pendant: portal bailiff

Barbed Pitchfork: portal herder

Barbed Whip: portal wererat slavemaster

Battered Iron Breastplate: portal type  @n5e4s6w5s

Beautiful Iron Breastplate: portal gordon

Beautiful White Pearl: portal type  @n34edw  kill ix

Bec de Corbine: portal igor

Bedroll: portal bloated vulture  @sw

Belt of Life: portal chamber  @4w6sw  kill belrack

Belt of Pride: portal marm  @n2e2den  kill holy

Black Demon Blade: portal type  @n5e8n2wnwswden2e4sen2w  kill troll

Black Kite Shield: portal type  @n5e4s2es2ed6e3nd  kill savage

Black Pulsing Book: portal undead lib

Blood Red Stone: portal chamber  @4w6sw  kill belrack

Bloody Cleaver: portal undead lib  @w2s3w  get bloody table

Blue Embroidered White Towel: portal marm  @n2e2de2s3ws

Blue, see-through silk veil: portal hornet  @nwu3s3w kill harem

Book of Poetry: portal snigger

Book of Temptation: portal 2.lusty  scan around for Demoness Lilah

Bottle of Grog: portal brother john

Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc: portal cream  @w2ne

Box of Birth Control Pills: portal peon  kill doctor

Braided Vine Necklace: portal napaeae

Bright White Robe: portal sabrina WANDER AREA FOR IGOR or GRAND VISIER

Bright Red Tulip: portal florist

Bronze Helm with a Mirrored Visor: portal tap  @2ne

Brown Beaker: portal claud  @nws

Bunch of faerie berries: portal ent

Bunch of Stakes: portal camel  @n get stake basket

Burlap Sack: portal insane

Candle: portal nabil  @e2sw

Cat o’ Nine Tails: portal master torm

Chameleon Poncho: portal calico  @nw

Charcoal Bracer: portal gallow

Chequered Shirt: portal john lumber

Chunk of Coal: portal type  @n5ed3n2e2d2es

Clear Potion: portal sorbus  @en7e4s3ed3w kill shudde-M’ell

Cloak of Shadows: portal claud  @n2es kill shadow

Coil of Rope: portal camel  @n  get rope basket

Cold Roast Beef: portal marm  @nen

Cold Turkey: portal marm  @nene  get turkey icebox

Colorful vest: portal nobleman

Commander’s Helm: portal type  @n5e4s2es2ed12e2u2w2ues  kill captain

Common Robe: portal ahkeem

Copper Urn: portal elzibeth

Crow Collar: portal huge crow

Crystal Clear Potion: portal elvira

Dark Green Cloak: portal ben  @e2nw kill baby

Dark Red Jar: portal sorbus

Deer Jerky: portal undead lib  @w2se

Defeathered Chicken: portal marty

Demon tooth knife: portal concubine  @wndswds3w  kill demon

Demonskin Girth: portal concubine  @w3se  kill queen

Devil Rod: portal master mindflayer

Double Scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream: portal ice cream

Dread Blossom: portal gallow  @w

Dusty Skeleton: portal sailor  @n6w4s2eswd

Dwarven Necklace: portal master torm  @dn  kill elder

Dwarven Gloves: portal storekeeper

Earth Ring: portal earth ruler

Egg: portal chicken  (repeat)

Electrum Belt: portal claud  @n3w2nw  kill skeleton

Electrum Gloves: portal claud  @n3w2nw  kill skeleton

Electrum Mace: portal claud  @nue  kill gargoyle

Electrum Pike: portal claud  @n2es  kill skeleton

Electrum Platemail: portal claud  @n3ene  kill skeleton

Electrum Ring: portal claud  @n3ene  kill skeleton

Electrum Shield: portal claud  kill skeleton

Electrum Sleeves: portal claud  @n3w2nw  kill skeleton

Electrum Spear: portal claud  @n3w2nw  kill skeleton

Electrum Sword: portal claud  @n3ene  kill skeleton

Encrypted Scroll: portal brass dragon

Engraved Ebony Seal: portal ben  @2es  kill mayor

Ethereal Blade: portal dark knight

Executioner’s Axe: portal snail  @2u  kill jabal

Eyeball: portal calico  @5s2d3n2e

Fauchard: portal igor

Feather Duster: portal marm  WANDER LOOKING FOR UPSTAIRS MAID

Figurine of a Blue Dragon: portal stanley

Figurine of a Red Dragon: portal stanley

Flagon of Dark Ale: portal eshu  (look for drunken eshu, might take several portals)

Fomor Boots: portal coosh  WANDER FOR FOMOR SCOUT or BERSERKER

Food Fit for Rats: portal firedrake  @nu4sue

Fur Cloak: portal ahkeem

Glimmering crown:  portal ehlana

Glinting Ring of Silver: portal sewer rat

Glinting Silver Bracelet: portal calico  @8s  kill apprentice

Glowing Skull: portal claud  @n3e2ne  kill liason

Glowing Suit of Banded Mail: portal sailor  @nw2s4endnd  kill dracolich

Gold Dragon Orb: portal attendant  kill ancient

Golden Bottle: portal master tinkere  @2ene  get golden rack

Golden Harp: portal type  @n5e4s6w3se

Golden Necklace: portal tracy

Golden Robe: portal attendant

Gown:  portal maiden

Green Beaker: portal claud  @n3ene

Green Bottle: portal master tinkere  @2ene  get green rack

Green Serpentine Staff: portal ben  @e2nw  kill priest

Heart of the Straw: portal jim crow

Helm of Demon Kind: portal concubine  @wnds3e2n  kill red

Holstered Belt: portal cloth  @e2nene  kill binder

Holy Avenger: portal tracy  @e2n  kill diana

Horn of Life: portal chamber  @4w6sw  kill belrack

Horns: portal goat

Huge Opal: portal adolescent  get opal chest

Huge, Wicked-Looking Scythe: portal slaad

Hunk of Cheese: portal ahkeem  @4s

Imperial Chest Plate: portal imperial

Ivory Handled Brush: portal marm  @n2ws  get brush chest

Ivory Hilted Dagger: portal white app  @w  kill master

Jar of honey: portal apiarist

Jelly donut: portal ehlana  @2ws3e3s

Lace trimmed training bra: portal marm  @n2wn  get bra dresser

Lamia Collar: portal pet lamia

Large Leg Bone: portal type  @nws2e2s4endnd

Leather Shield: portal stitch

Light Gossamer Gown: portal 3.sylph

Lightning Rod: portal claud  @nu

Long Cylindrical Tube: portal master scribe

Long Rusted Knife: portal wererat guard

Magical Potion of Deadly Combat: portal apothecary

Magic Dust: portal dust

Mandolin: portal iolo  @2wue  kill bard

Manual of Healing Arts: portal chamber  @4w3se  kill sumaron

Meat Cleaver: portal butch

Milk Bladder: portal ewe

Mining Pick: portal type  @n5ed3n2e2d2es

Misty Potion: portal swamp wraith

Morris items: portal sailor  @u  WANDER THE MAZE

Multi-Colored Key Ring: portal chamber  @4w2s  kill ring

Mummified Hand: portal elzibeth

Mummified Head of Jubal the Benevolent: portal x-ist

Mummy Wrappings: portal elzibeth

Nightgaunts Tickler: portal nightgaunt

Note: portal peon  @s2e2s

Oil Lamp: portal nabil  @e2sw

Old, Tattered Map: portal camel  @ne  get map basket

Onyx Ring: portal peon  @s2e2sd6s  kill darkenbeast

Onyx Bracelet: portal black apprentice

Pair of Leather Slippers: portal claud  @n3e3n2e  kill baron

Pair of Pink Panties: portal marm  @n2wn  get panties dresser

Pair of Sewing Shears: portal ahkeem

Pale Blue Stone: portal ben  @3e  get stone cabinet

Peach Pie: portal wand wizard  @2n

Pentagram Engraved Ring: portal claud  @n3e3n2e  kill baron

Piece of Chalk: portal marm

Pitch Black Longsword that Flames Brightly: portal vampire guardian

Prism Wand: portal peon  @s2e2sd6se3s  kill prism

Pruning Knife: portal twisted

Purple Cloak: portal master mindflayer

Purple Potion: portal garter  WANDER FOR LARGE HOBGOBLIN

Queerly Shaped Rod: portal snapper joe  WANDER MAZE 4 NORTH EXIT get rod rath

Raft: portal sailor  @nws

Rainbow Staff: portal halfling beauty  kill wizard

Rat Poison: portal claud  @n2ws  get rat crack

Red Beaker: portal claud  @n3e2ne

Red Bottle: portal master tinkere  @2ene  get red rack

Red Dragon Claw: portal naga  @sen5es  kill red

Red DragonOrb: portal naga  @sen5es  kill red

Red Gem: portal taria  @s3w5nend3nwd  kill goddess

Rod of Neutrality: portal talemon

Rod of the Netherworld: portal claud  @n3e3n2e  kill baron

Rod of Weaponry: portal chamber  @4w3sw  kill gorak

Rotten Arm: portal type  @n5e4s4w3nws

Ruby Charm: portal claud

Runed Greaves: portal master torm

Sack: portal ahkeem  @3sw

Sack of Flour: portal marm  @nene

Salted Herring: portal cassandra

Satyr Egg: portal fire lizard  @e

Screwdriver: portal master tinkere

Sesame Seed: portal igor

Set of Jacks: portal marm  @n2ws  get jack 2.chest

Shield Sphere: portal adolescent  get sphere chest

Shining Broadsword: portal bailiff

Shining Helm: portal marm  @n2e2den  kill holy

Shovel: portal sailor  @n6w4s2eswswsw

Sickle: portal igor

Silver Flute: portal 2.bard

Silver Tea Service: portal claud

Silvery Blue Wand: portal moor master  @nwn  kill master

Slice of Pizza: portal ezmer  get pizza oven

Slice of Ham: portal apothecary  @2es

Small Bright Green Hat: portal moor master  @2ne  kill matron mother

Small Dusk of Black Gyvel: portal sorbus  @es

Small Dusk of Timian Herbs: portal sorbus  @en7enw

Small Pair of Bat Wings: portal calico  @5s2d3n2e  get wing cauldron

Small Ruby Ring: portal 6.matron mother

Smooth Quartz Ball: portal mimic  (repeat)

Some Black Powder: portal type  @n7en4e  get powder jar  (keep jar the item repops in it)

Some Blackberries: portal type  @n8w2ses2wsesen

Some Chain Shackles: portal ezmer  @2e2n2d2n  kill pris

Some Chocolate Mint: portal chocolate shopkeeper

Some Mandrake Root: portal claud  @n2es  kill shadow

Some Marble Legging: portal darkohl

Some Meat: portal frozen beef

Some Nuts: portal ahkeem  @4s

Spectacles: portal santa

Spectral Cloak: portal gorgon  @2ne  kill morgrin

Spider Shaped Dagger: portal type  @n5e4s2es2edws2dwn2wnd2nundnw2n  kill yochlol

Spiked Buckler: portal chamber  @s  kill tor

Splinted Shield: portal igor  @ne

Stag Antlers: portal undead lib  @w6s3e2n4ese  kill hunt

Starched White Sheet: portal marm  @n2e2de2s4w

Stiletto: portal christian leader

Sting: portal trainee  @wn5w5ne  kill keeper

Stitching Needle: portal boggan craftsman

Strange Amulet: portal aruncus

Strange Leather Tome: portal undead lib

Strange Template: portal sorbus  @en7e4s3ed3w  kill shudde-M’ell

Strange White Skull: portal senior mindflayer,  kill master, recall, wait for repop, portal senior mindflayer  @es

Straw Broom: portal broom

Suit of banded mail: portal igor  @ne

Suit of field plate: portal abdul

Suit of Tarnished Mithril: portal taria

Summer Locket: portal titania

The sword Excalibur: portal peon  @s2e2sd4s3e2s  get sword stone

Sword of Faith: portal gorgon  @2ned

Tiger Jewel: portal brass dragon  @2wswn  get tiger chest

Tight Fitting Green Dragon Scale Shirt: portal calico  kill grand

Tiny Dagger: portal 5.shiriff

Toadstool portal sailor  @nw2s6w2n

Tomato: portal vera

Tool Belt: portal master tinkere

Vallandor’s Crown: portal gorgon  @2ned  get crown casket

Very low cut, silk gown: portal chamber  @sw

Wand of Fire and Ice: portal tap  @s

Wand of Oak: portal braheem

Wand of Pixie Magic: portal wand wizard

Water Bowl: portal undead lib  @w2ses

Waybread: portal strick

Whisper Thin Rapier: portal x-ist

White Gold Ring: portal claud  @n3e2ne  kill liason

White Pelt of a Yeti: portal yeti

White Silk Belt: portal concubine  @wse  kill demon

Woodcutter’s Axe: portal insane

Wooden Chest: portal type  @n8w2sen

Wooden Mallet: portal claud  @n3e3ne  kill zombie

Wooden Stick: portal cloth  @e2nen  get wood cabinet

Wooden Yardstick: portal marm

A yellow and green ring: portal orc


heaven:  jabal  @2s8e3nenwne2u

hidden manor: claud

emeral forest: port dryad

Fire Pits of Hades: port burning fool


To Quest Guardian: portal gorgon  @nwn2d


Quest guardian keywords:

just one word                                           glove

heartache and headache                       shadow                    

snow                                                            to get to the other side

king of spades                                          nothing

eye                                                                candle

coconut                                                       key

joke                                                             map






to answer his riddle just type say <and one of the words from above




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